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Nemo Gould @ Nemomatic pt. 2

'Praying Mantis - 2009 (Photos: Sibila Savage)
The amazing Mr. Nemo Gould is at it again. Crafting stunning sculptures out of found objects and recovered materials and continuing to blaze a trail in the world of RecTech, kinetic sculpture, robot art, recycling and creative expression.

(If I am gushing it's because I really love his work - and he's a really nice guy too, which is always nice...)

His works inspire wonder and fascination from materials that, before he got his masterful mits on, were destined to crowd our growing landfills.

His well trained eye sees what the rest of us mistake as worthless trash and his brain instructs his hands to fashion his fantastic visions, elevating the previous scrap to powerful statements of beauty and value, where none existed before.

His art informs us that our aesthetic tastes are fooled by broken metal and a bit of rust. Once polished, joined and re-configured, it's aesthetic worth is unmistakable.

'The Boogeyman' - 2009 (Photo: Cameron Platt)

'The Boogeyman' detail - 2009 (Photos: Cameron Platt)

'Bake-O-Lite' - 2009 (Photo: Sibila Savage)

'Bake-O-Lite' detail - 2009 (Photo: Sibila Savage)

'Psychos-O-Matic' - 2009 (Photo: Cameron Platt)
by: Nemo Gould
(Posted with Artist Permission)



Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

LOVe the praying mantis too!

Anonymous said...

Nemo is amazing... and they move!

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