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Ballet Mecanique at the National Gallery of Art

Premiere of all-robotic version of George Antheil's infamous Dada piece for 16 player pianos and percussion orchestra. A rare, historically significant, recording from the NGA. Features new robotic instruments from LEMUR: League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots

Speaking of LEMUR - This is GuitarBot. It has to be seen and heard to be believed and appreciated. The following video is "Emercency Bot TV Theme" for GuitarBot, composed by Joshua Fried.

Nemo Gould's Moving Art @ Nemomatic

'Venus Flytrap' (Click for Video)

'The Performer #2' (Click for Video)

'Little Big Man' (Click for Video)


'General Debris' (Click for Video)

'Hearth Attack'
by: Nemo Gould

(Posted with Artist Permission)


Michael Mew

'Buddah Bot 3'

'Taste Test'

'Old Yeller'

'Bad Boys'
by: Michael Mew

(Posted with Artist Permission)


Laura Barbosa's Uncanny Valley

(The term 'UnCanny Valley' was first introduced by Japanese roboticist Masahiro Mori in 1970 to describe peoples emotional responses to the 'human-like' nature of robots.)

'UnCanny Valley'

'No Fear of Perfection'


by: Laura Barbosa

(Posted with Artist Permission)

The Art of Laura Barbosa

Max Chandler's 21st Century Art by: Robot

Max Chandler builds Robots that traverse his canvases, sensing (seeing), thinking (programed), trailing an acrylic wake along it's, occasionally unexpected, way...

'Silent Dancing All'

'Napolitos 3'


by: Max Chandler (and Robots)

(Posted with Artist Permission)


The Sculpture of Christopher Conte

'BioMech Arm'

'Steel Widow' (Detail)

'Steam Insect'

'Black Widow'

'Deco Droid'

'External Video Eyewear Apparatus'
by: Christopher Conte

(Posted with Artist Permission)


Tick Tock Tom's RecTech

'Ages 10 and Up'

'Goliath Online'


'Rail Grind' by Tick Tock Tom

(Posted with Artist Permission)


Adrian Lazar


Bug Robot - turntable animation from Adrian Lazar.



WarBot - animation/personal/collaborative work from Adrian Lazar.

(Posted with Artist Permission)

Adrian Lazar