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Eric Joyner's Sweet Nostalgia

'The Usual Suspects'

... of Robots and Donuts. San Fransisco based Eric Joyner, illustrator, painter, instructor and robot dreamer, has been honing his craft for over twenty-five years. He works a nostalgically retro style which evokes memories of a time since past, yet a time that never quite existed either. A Surreal, alternate time, when Marlowe hunted for the red robots Hideout or when smoke-filled auditoriums held Friday night Rock 'Em Sock 'Em robot boxing bouts.

I haven't even gotten to the donuts yet. Like a kid in a candy store, many of Eric's worlds are filled with sweet treats of surreal proportion and mysterious function, infusing a warm charm that instantly comforts and delights. Yet all is not quite as sugary sweet as it first seems. Just under the icing lies undercurrents of violence, depression and tragedy. The robots, it seems, are not always happy.

'Between Rounds'

'Robo Kong' & 'This is This'

'IO Jima'

'The Hideout'

'The Collator'

'Draconian Ways'
by: Eric Joyner

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