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botShots is an expanding and evolving resource for artists, students, educators and enthusiasts of both art and robots.

Featuring the 'Best-in-Show' of the Robot Art world in any media, we keep the editorializing to a minimum and strive to let the work speak for itself. Our statement on quality was made by it's inclusion in our collection.

Each image is linked to a larger version for more detailed examination and a link to the website of each artist featured is also provided.

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Emek: Psychedelic Meets Post-industrial - Pt.1

Emek's prolific (and generous) nature has required splitting his feature into multiple parts. Part 2 & 3 will follow.

He has also inspired me to expand on the materials, images and information so far included on botShots for each artist. While it was always envisioned as a (mostly) visual blog/on-line art gallery, botShots has begun to evolve and develop into a growing resource (and hopefully, authority) on Robot Art. As such, I will begin to expand the written component of botShots over the next while, possibly including some 'critical' essays and trying to include additional educational and reference resources. Coming soon...

'U R What U Watch'
(or The 4 Pornbots Of The Apocalypse)

Primarily a Rock and Roll poster artist, Emek has won numerous awards and created cover art and posters for bands including Neil Young, The Grateful Dead, Pearl Jam, B.B. King, Bob Marley and Radiohead. He surprised even himself when he was asked to provide some of his 'robot' work, at just how many he had done and how influential a subject matter it obviously is to him.

'Old School'

'BullBot & Robotz'

'Harley Bot'


(Animated Version in Pt.3)
by: Emek

(Posted with Artist Permission)


Part 2 of this feature will include a selection of posters featuring robots and will follow in the coming days. Part 3 will contain additional works from Emek as well as a preview of an upcoming feature on Emek's father, also an artist interested in robots and machines in art. Watch for these coming soon...

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